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Fully Cooked Hams
" Already cured, smoked, and ready to eat! "

Spiral Sliced Hams: Half (6 lbs) or Whole (13 lbs) 
Distinguishing features: Sliced around the bone for uniform slices. Hand 
trimmed, and vacuum packaged for freshness. Since this ham is fully cooked, it can be served hot or cold.

Spiral Sliced Boneless Ham: 10-12 poundsBoneless & sliced for ease and convience when serving. Hand trimmed & vacuum packaged for freshness. Since it is fully cooked, it can be served hot or cold. 91% Fat Free!! 

Pit Hams: 10-12 pounds 
Distinguishing features: 
No bone, hock removed, carefully hand trimmed, vacuum packaged for freshness & ready to serve...hot or cold

Every ham smoked at Columbia Packing is selected from the very best, top quality pork. For five generations we have used the same old-fashion, seven day, family recipe. It is this family recipe that gives "Columbia's Old Fashion Ham" its famous country flavor and red eye gravy.

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Each of our mouth-watering hams comes straight from our smokehouse with a mild cure that has a touch of sugar, and a long hardwood smoke, but no water added. Let one of your next holiday treats be an Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas ham or allow us to help you with appreciation gift boxes for your company or relatives.